What is a website?

A site or web page is composed of several elements such as texts, images, videos, etc., that provide information to the visitor of a URL. That information can be focused on the company, to offer services and get or provide information to your potential cu

What is a website? - Emerald Studio Agencia Digital - Bogotá, Colombia iPad

How does it work?

Firstly, you must tell us what your website is going to be about or what the purpose of it is. You must already have a logo and the information you want to publish. However, if you do not have a logo, we can help you. Even if you do not have the necessary information, we can also create quality content for your website.

We will propose a design according to your sector or business and we will publish the website in a hosting service, accompanied by your own domain. All our sites are administrable, so you can modify the information you require without depending on anyone.

Benefits of having a website:

  • Generating digital awareness
  • Position your company
  • Sell your products and services professionally
  • Describe your services better
  • Attract customers easily

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